Smart Phones and Marketing

Smart phones have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years for the ease of their use and the ability to surf the internet right at your fingertips. The possibilities are almost endless – you can look up directions, make reservations, shop, and check your bank account, among other things. It is very important to consider implementing smart phone marketing techniques if you want to keep up with the technology curve. A customer may be very interested in looking up important information about your company, but if they type in your website address and it leads to a desktop site, it could take an agonizingly long time for your site to load, not to mention difficult to navigate. Here are some tips for implementing mobile marketing in your overall marketing strategy:

  • The layout of mobile sites can be (and should be) streamlined for easy navigation. Make sure the mobile site includes the relevant information that the customer will look for – for example, a store locator or contact information.
  • When building a mobile site, make sure that you account for different devices and different screens. Also be sure to include both vertical and horizontal viewing for compatible phones.
  • Using a mobile platform can be used for strategic marketing. Not all of your customers have a smart phone, but the ones who do may feel intrigued to do business with you if you have specials only found on mobile sites.
  • Create a QR Code that links directly to your mobile site, or to a particular page on your site. This makes it very easy for a customer to find information without having to perform a search.
  • Be sure to include the same branding elements on your mobile site that you use on your desktop website.
  • While using a mobile site is easier, make sure you include a link to your desktop site as well, because the customer may be searching for information that is not provided on the mobile site.
  • Apps are especially trendy right now for smart phone users, but you would have to develop a separate app to run on each type of smart phone that your customers may use. Creating a mobile site (with minor tweaks for different phone platforms) ensures all smart phone users will be able to use your site easily.

Should your company implement a mobile marketing strategy? If you are interested in targeting a large group of consumers of all ages, then you should probably consider it. As smart phone users continue to increase, your company could increase its web traffic and measure the effectiveness of your marketing techniques by going mobile.

Proper Writing Skills

If your job involves writing, then it is imperative that you focus on perfecting your writing skills. If you are writing about a product, service, or an idea, you want to be sure that you are not doing it a disservice by writing in an informal, haphazard manner. Here are a few tips for perfecting your techniques:

  • Write as though you were speaking it. It makes your writing much more realistic and personal.
  • If you are using persuasive writing, make sure it is subtle.
  • Always make sure you are using proper grammar. You cannot be taken seriously if you are unable to spell or use the proper words in your writing.
  • While it is important to add personality to your writing, do not allow yourself to get too informal.
  • Your enthusiasm and passion should shine through the words you write.
  • Along the lines of enthusiasm, do not overuse punctuation. Multiple exclamation points are not necessary in order to get your point across.
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How To Choose A Quality Tagline

We can all think of a tagline that has been ingrained in our mind at some point – from Nike’s Just Do It to McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It and everything in between. How do you create the perfect tagline? Well, here are some pointers.

  • Make sure it is relevant. You want your tagline to make sense so a customer will not have to guess what kind of work your company does. It should reflect the type of business that you are.
  • Make sure your tagline encompasses your company’s mission.
  • Your tagline should be short and easy to read. Your customer should get an idea of what your company is all about within the first ten seconds of reading your tagline.
  • Keep it unique. Any company can say they provide the best service, so how effective would it really be to include that in your tagline? Not very, so make sure you are thinking of ways to distinguish your company from a competing company.
  • Along the lines of uniqueness, beginning a sentence with “our people” is also very generic and not very impressionable.
  • Creating a memorable tagline begins with telling a story. Create a visual “story” for the customer, and they are likely to remember the product or service being advertised.
  • Be sure to avoid negative language. Don’t create a tagline that indirectly bashes your competition. Instead, go for an all-around positive tagline, which is more effective and professional.
  • Avoid over catchy or witty taglines. The best taglines are a truthful and straightforward description of your company.

So, does your company need a tagline? According to this article by CrackerJack Marketer:

  • The more undifferentiated a brand is, the more it needs a tagline…BUT the more distinctive a brand is, the less it needs a tagline. What does this mean? For example, Starbucks doesn’t need a tagline, because it is distinctive enough based on its products and services and its impressionable logo. However, a brand of cereal still may rely on a tagline because it is not necessarily distinctive in relation to other cereal brands.

Bottom line is: if you can come up with a unique yet relevant tagline to represent your company’s mission, products, and services, by all means go for it. Creating a memorable tagline could be one of your best marketing tricks to date if done correctly!

How Relevant Are QR Codes?

The abbreviation ‘QR’ stands for ‘quick response’, which is exactly what the users of such codes are hoping to achieve. As a business owner, creating a QR code can allow potential customers to find relevant information with the simple scan of a two-dimensional square-shaped code. As a customer, having readily available information can influence his or her business decisions. What are some advantages for using QR codes?

  • Takes a person to the exact page that you want them to see. If you want them to see your Facebook Fan Page and “Like” your business, create a QR code that takes them directly there.
  • It measures effectiveness of your marketing or advertising campaign. Are you getting people’s attention? Using QR codes would be a great way to evaluate this factor.
  • Its trendy. While trends do come and go, new technology usually captures everyone’s attention and they are more likely to respond to it.
  • Its creative. Especially if you are able to include an image or logo that represents your business within the coding, similar to what BBC did in the photo below.

Source: BBC

So what kinds of things would you print a QR code on?

  • Business cards – This one is common, but still intelligent. You could have the QR code lead directly to your website, Twitter, or Facebook page.
  • Brochures – A code could lead directly a product’s details or to your company’s website or social media sites.
  • Receipts – Scanning a code could take you directly to a site where you could print out coupons for your next grocery trip.
  • Menus – How about having a code that would take you to a site full of nutritional information for the menu items?
  • Fliers – Could include a QR code that directs someone to specific details for an event or to a map with directions.
  • Product labels – Want to know where that wine that you’re drinking is from? Scan the code, and it can take you directly to the winery website.
  • Signs – Like this sign below, using a QR code could be a great way to lead customers to helpful information instead of the person having to search for customer service to help them.

Source: Social Media Examiner

So what are the downsides of QR codes?

  • Not everyone has a smart phone, and you will need one in order to scan the codes
  • Out of those who DO own a smart phone, not all will know how to work the QR scanning application
  • Some may find scanning a code in order to find relevant information to be a hassle

Still, the positives of using QR codes clearly outweigh the negatives. The single most important thing to remember before including QR codes in your marketing techniques is to make sure relevant information is still easily accessible to those who do not have access to a QR scanner!

What’s In A Logo?

Similar to the old adage “What’s in a name?”, we should ask “What’s in a logo?”. The answer to that question is, possibly everything. Some of the most popular, well-known brands are recognized easily, and solely, by their logo. Apple, for example, created one of the most simple logos to represent their identity, and look what it has done for the company. The logo is so popular that you receive the famous bitten-apple stickers when you purchase an Apple product. So how do you choose a logo that accurately represents your business?

  • Be sure your business’s personality shines through. You want your logo to first and foremost set your business apart. For example, Apple’s logo is an obvious choice. If you were a dentist, what logo would accurately represent your individual business and set it apart from other dentistry practices? The key is making sure the image is an authentic representation of your business.
  • Along similar lines, always make sure the logo is memorable and unique. You want it to be remembered, and by creating an interesting and anomalous design, you will capture the attention of viewers and it will make an impression on them.
  • Picking the right colors is important. Make your logo memorable, but do not make it an eyesore. Picking a good color scheme can add so much to the impression that your logo gives off. It is important to make sure that your logo WILL look good in black & white, even if you go with a colored logo, because there are times when it could be printed in black & white and you still want the logo to make a great impression!
  • Figure out what you want to highlight most. If your logo includes an image as well as text, decide what you would like the focus to be on. Are you primarily hoping to ingrain your business’s logo image into the mind’s of viewers, or are you primarily marketing your business’s name? Apple obviously chose to make their logo image the main focus, whereas Richard Branson’s mega-company Virgin is known for the company name written in its signature font which represents all of the company’s ventures.

The most important thing to remember when considering these elements is to never lose your focus. You want your logo to represent your personality and accurately portray the message you are attempting to achieve. Experiment, have some fun, and make sure that logo has YOU written all over it!

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